About me

Since July 2023 I am a Senior Research Associate at the University of Oxford, working with professor Standa Živný. My current research is on the theoretical aspects of approximations of Constraint Satisfaction Problems. More concretely, I study the computational complexity of Promise Constraint Satisfaction Problems, which can be seen as generalizations of the Approximate Graph Coloring Problem. Tools from other areas of mathematics and computer science often come into play in my research, such as universal algebra, combinatorics or logic. I am funded by the ERC Consolidator Grant New Approaches to Approximability of Satisfiable Problems.

Previously I was a PhD student in the program of Applied Mathematics at Barcelona Tech, under the supervision of Marc Noy. The topic of my thesis was the asymptotic study of random structures through the lens of first order logic. I also have worked as a research assistant in the Systematic Construction of Correct Systems (SCOS) group at the Technical University of Graz with Roderick Bloem as my supervisor. My work there focused on extending formal techniques developed for finite-state machines to multi-component systems.

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